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Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program


Application Requirements


Graduate Exam: ALES or GRE score (ALES EA 75)

English Proficiency Exam: METU IYS (75)

Reference Letter: 2 reference letters (from applicants outside of METU Psychology Department)

Letter of Intention: A letter of intention in English

Applicants must be graduated from Psychology Departments of Faculty of Arts and Sciences


If you follow the link below, you can find detailed information regarding application process.

Graduate School of Social Sciences How to Apply?


Also, you can find up-to-date and detailed information regarding application criteria of graduate programs.

Graduate School of Social Sciences Application Criteria of Programs


Courses that must be completed during Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program are listed below.



Required Courses
PSY 510 Advanced Statistics for Psychology II (3-0)3
PSY 610 Research Methods in Clinical Psychology (3-0)3
PSY 681 Applications in Clinical Psychology I (3-0)3
PSY 682 Applications in Clinical Psychology II (3-0)3
PSY 699 Ph.D. Dissertation NC
PSY 800-900 Special Studies/Topics NC
PSY 691 Internship I NC
PSY 692 Internship II NC


Elective Courses
Students are required to take at least 4 elective courses approved by the Department, subjected to the restriction that during their graduate education (including the Master's level) they are required to take (or have taken) at least three elective courses from each of the sub-areas given below. The list may be subject to modification by the Department.
Sub-area I: Psychopathology
PSY 523 Childhood Psychopathology (3-0)3
PSY 524 Psychology of Aging (3-0)3
PSY 527 Mental Handicap (3-0)3
PSY 541 Issues in Clinical Psychology (3-0)3
PSY 542 Adult Psychopathology (3-0)3
PSY 544 Adulthood Psychopathology and Psychotherapy II (3-0)3
PSY 545 Topics in Psychopathology (3-0)3
PSY 547 Processes and Disorders of HumanCommunication (3-0)3
PSY 549 Cultural Factors in Psychopathology (3-0)3
PSY 644 Emotions in Psychopathology (3-0)3

Sub-area II: Psychotherapy

PSY 540 Dynamic Psychotherapy (3-0)3
PSY 543 Adulthood Psychopathology and Psychotherapy I (3-0)3
PSY 546 Techniques of Psychotherapy (3-0)3
PSY 548 Topics in Psychotherapy (3-0)3
PSY 643 Clinical Psychopharmacology (3-0)3

Sub-area III: Psychological Assessment

PSY 530 Assessment of Cognitive Functioning (2-2)3
PSY 531 Clinical Assessment (3-0)3
PSY 532 Application in Clinical Assessment (3-0)3

Other electives approved by the department.