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Developmental Psychology Ph.D. Program

PhD in Psychology Program (Ph.D. on M.S. in Psychology), Developmental Psychology Option


Application Requirements


Graduate Exam: ALES or GRE score (ALES EA 75)

English Proficiency Exam: METU IYS (75)

Reference Letter: 2 reference letters (from applicants outside of METU Psychology Department)

Letter of Intention: A letter of intention in English.


Students with a B.Sc. degree in psychology can apply for the Ph.D. program even if they have a masters degree from a different discipline. Students from other disciplines need an M.S. degree in developmental psychology.


The evaluation criteria are as follows: 50% ALES or GRE, 30% GPA, 20% Interview


The number of students who will be accepted to the programs may change based on the needs of the department.



Course requirements


There are 7 must, 3 elective courses. All courses are 3 credit except PSY699 and PSY 800-900. Elective courses will be chosen based on the student's interests and needs.


Developmental Psychology PhD. course list
Must Courses
PSY600 Proseminar in Psychology
PSY621 Multilevel Modeling: Applications for Psychology
PSY 699 PhD Dissertation
PSY 800-900 Special Studies/Topics
PSY671 Supervised Research I.
PSY672 Supervised Research II.
PSY673 Supervised Research III.
Area Elective 1 course

Either area (developmental) or another area electives

2 courses



Area electives


PSY 526 Memory Development

PSY 529 Applied Development

PSY 622 Developmental Interventions

PSY 514 Language Development and Bilingualism

PSY 512 Developmental Psychopathology

PSY 513 Issues in Applied Cognitive Development

PSY 515 Adult Development and Aging

PSY 516 Development of Social Cognition

PSY 518 Development of Children with Disabilities

PSY 520 Socialization

PSY 525 Life Span Developmental Theory

PSY 528 Adolescence: Theory, Problems, and Applications

PSY 534 Tests and Measurement in Child Development



Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Information


Requirements before starting to thesis


Before starting to thesis students are expected to complete all course requirements and pass the PhD proficiency exam. PhD proficiency exam written form has three components:

1. Comprehensive exam in developmental psychology

2. Preparation of one undergraduate and one graduate course syllabus

3. Preparing a research program in developmental psychology PhD proficiency oral exam: Candidates are expected to defend their written exam.