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Seminar: Neşe Karabacak / Functional and Molecular Imaging in Neuropsychology

Speaker: Neşe Karabacak

Date/Time: December 1, 13:40

Class: B102

Functional and Molecular Imaging in Neuropsychology

Metabolic imaging of the brain can be performed using single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT-CT), positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). The labeled substrates obtained for the measurement of metabolic cycles in the brain by PET and SPECT have been developed on the basis of natural metabolic pathways. Many radiolabeled substrates can be used and investigated in order to observe the metabolic functions of the brain, (such as glucose, amino acid, DNA synthesis, enzyme activity, neurotransmitter biochemistry, receptor density or saturation.)

Following the first study of receptor in vivo imaging methods in human brain in 1983, imaging of biomarkers at the nanomolar and picomolar levels with specific imaging agents has achieved more insight in neuroimaging than any other method, and within the last 20 years, receptor-specific diagnostic and therapeutic applications in functional molecular imaging for neuropsychiatry and biological psychology have been increasingly used.

It is anticipated that future diagnostic and therapeutic personalized treatment principles, such as dopaminergic - serotonergic - acetylcholinergic imaging approaches by imaging biochemical markers related to biological psychology and neuropsychiatry, will play an important role in different areas of drug development and clinical applications. This seminar will serve as introduction to methods of specific and non-specific molecular imaging techniques related to brain specific neurotransmitter - receptor imaging methods and their main uses for research and clinical applications (especially movement disorders-dementia-epilepsy) .