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Industrial and Organizational Psychology M.S. Program


Application Requirements


Graduate Exam: ALES or GRE score (ALES EA 75)

English Proficiency Exam: METU IYS (80)

Letter of Intention: A letter of intention in English no more than 1000 words.


After the initial evaluation successful applicants will be invited for an interview.


The evaluation criteria are as follows:

50% ALES or GRE

30% GPA

20% Interview



If you follow the link below, you can find detailed information regarding application process.

Graduate School of Social Sciences How to Apply?


Also, you can find up-to-date and detailed information regarding application criteria of graduate programs.

Graduate School of Social Sciences Application Criteria of Programs


Students from other disciplines can also apply for the M.S. program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Successful applicants will be admitted to the scientific (psychology) preparation program, during which they will be required to take no more than 18 credits of undergraduate classes. Psychology courses taken prior to admission may be counted toward the scientific preparation credits upon acceptance by the admission committee.



Program Requirements


Students are required to take eight 3-credit courses, the non-credit "Prosthesis Seminar Industrial and Organizational (I/O)" and "Master’s Thesis" course and complete a Master’s thesis . Upon satisfactory completion of the program below, students earn a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


Required Courses
PSY 500 Advanced Statistics for Psychology I  (3-2)4
PSY 510 Advanced Statistics for Psychology II  (3-2)4
PSY 508 Prothesis Seminar  non-credit
PSY 599 Master's Thesis  non-credit
PSY 831-833 Special Studies  non-credit


Elective Courses
A. Field Courses: Students are expected to take at least four of the below.
PSY 504 Leadership and Motivation (3-0)3
PSY 506 Training and Evaluation (3-0)3
PSY 509 Advanced Overview of I/O Psychology (3-0)3
PSY 517 Vocational Counselling and Career Development (3-0)3
PSY 519 Human Factors and Performance (3-0)3
PSY 535 Advanced Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal (3-0)3
PSY 536 Personnel Selection and Testing (3-0)3
PSY 538 Program Evaluation (3-0)3
B. Electives from related areas: At least two free electives from related areas approved by the Department/Advisor/Program coordinator.