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Industrial and Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program


Application Requirements


Graduate Exam: ALES or GRE score (ALES EA 75)

Graduate CGPA: 3.50/4.00 (or equivalent)

English Proficiency Exam: METU IYS (80)

Letter of Intention: A letter of intention in English no more than 1000 words.


After the initial evaluation successful applicants will be invited for an interview.


The evaluation criteria are as follows:

50% ALES or GRE

30% GPA

20% Interview



If you follow the link below, you can find detailed information regarding application process.

Graduate School of Social Sciences How to Apply?


Also, you can find up-to-date and detailed information regarding application criteria of graduate programs.

Graduate School of Social Sciences Application Criteria of Programs


Program Requirements


Students need to successfully complete 6 required courses (two of which are non-credit) and 4 courses with elective course status. PSY699 and PSY900 are non-credit courses. All credit courses are worth 3 credits. When deemed necessary by the advisor or upon the request of the student, students can take extra courses from I/O psychology or related areas.


Must Courses

PSY620* Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3-0)3
PSY601 Pro-seminar in Psychology (3-0)3
PSY671 Supervised Research in Psychology I (3-0)3
PSY672 Supervised Research in Psychology II (3-0)3
PSY699 Ph.D. Dissertation Non-credit
PSY900 Special Studies/Topics Non-credit

*or an equivalent course approved by the department/advisor.



Elective Courses
Students need to complete 4 courses with elective status. Two of these will be Industrial and Organizational (IO) Psychology courses and two will be free electives. With the consent of the advisor, free electives can be taken either from IO area courses, courses offered in other psychology subdisciplines or related disciplines, or from universities abroad with which our department has an exchange agreement. Students who have not obtained their MS degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, are expected to complete at least 4 IO courses that tap core IO topics such as “PSY535 Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal”, “PSY509 Advanced Overview of I/O Psychology” “PSY536 Personnel Selection and Testing” and “PSY633 Personality at Work: Theories and Assessment” with the consent of the advisor. Below is the list of courses offered in IO.



Area Elective Courses

PSY500 * Advanced Statistics for Psychology I (3-2)4
PSY510 * Advanced Statistics for Psychology II (3-2)4
PSY504 Leadership and Motivation (3-0)3
PSY506 Training and Evaluation (3-0)3
PSY509 Advanced Overview of I/O Psychology (3-0)3
PSY517 Vocational Counseling and Career Development (3-0)3
PSY519 Human Factors and Performance (3-0)3
PSY535 Advanced Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal (3-0)3
PSY536 Personnel Selection and Testing (3-0)3
PSY538 Program Evaluation (3-0)3
PSY633 Personality at Work: Theories and Assessment (3-0)3
PSY634 Gender at Work (3-0)3
PSY662 Advanced Issues in Organizational Safety Culture and Climate (3-0)3
PSY698 Supervised Practice in I/O Psychology (3-0)3
* Students need to complete PSY500 and PSY510 if they have not done so before enrolling in the program.




Requirements that must be completed to start dissertation
Student must complete all of the credits and pass an oral and written Ph.D. qualification examination.
Information on the qualifying examination process can be found at this link.