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Seren Güneş


seren güneş 


Contact Info

Office: BZ-8A

Phone: +90 312 210 3144

E-mail: gunes.seren@gmail.com, seren.gunes@metu.edu.tr


M.S., Middle East Technical University, 2015

Thesis title: Taking a Deeper Look at Mother-Adolescent Conflict on Self-care, Room Management, and Chores.

B.S., Middle East Technical University, 2011

Research Interests

Parent-child relationship, parenting, adolescence, well-being.

Conference Presentations

Güneş, S. & Berument, S. K. (2015). Possible predictors of self-care among adolescents. Paper presented at 17th European Conference on Developmental Psychology, Braga, Portugal.


Güneş, S. & Berument, S. K. (2015, March). Predictors of conflicts on self-care, room management, and chores among mother – adolescent dyads. Poster presented at Biennial Meeting of Society in Research for Child Development, Philadelphia, PA.


Gunes, S. & Sahin-Acar, B. (2014, September). The effects of autobiographical memory functions, self-esteem and well-being on memory characteristics of Turkish college students. Poster presented at 14th EARA Biennial Conference, İzmir, Turkey.


Güneş, S. Bozo, Ö., Bağcı, E., & Güleç, M. (2013, July). The effects of personality and coping styles on the QoL of chronic urticaria patients. Poster presented at 13th European Congress of Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden.