Social Psychology Ph.D. Program


Application Requirements


Graduate Exam: ALES or GRE score (ALES EA 75)

English Proficiency Exam: METU IYS (75)

Reference Letter: 2 reference letters (from applicants outside of METU Psychology Department)

Letter of Intention: A letter of intention in English

GPA: 3.0/4.0 or 80/100


After the initial evaluation successful applicants will be invited to an interview.


If you follow the link below, you can find detailed information regarding application process.

Graduate School of Social Sciences How to Apply?


Also, you can find up-to-date and detailed information regarding application criteria of graduate programs.

Graduate School of Social Sciences Application Criteria of Programs


Students with a B.Sc. degree in psychology can apply for the Ph.D. program even if they have a masters degree from a different discipline. Students from other disciplines need an M.S. degree in Social Psychology.


The evaluation criteria are as follows:

50% ALES or GRE

30% GPA

20% Interview


The number of students who will be accepted to the programs may change based on the needs of the department.


Guideline for Qualifying Exam in METU Social Psychology PhD Program


MS-PhD Curriculum Follow Up Table


Required Courses

PSY 800-900

Special Topics NC

PSY 800-900

Special Topics NC

PSY 510

Advanced Statistics for Psychology II (3-0)3
Or an equivalent course approved by the department.

Elective Courses
Students are required to take seven electives, approved by the Department, subject to the restriction that during their graduate education (including the Master's level) they need to take (or have taken) at least one elective each of the sub-areas below. The list may be subject to modification by the Department.

Group 1 General & Social Cognition

PSY 553 Historical Overview of Advances in Social Psychology
PSY 555 Social Cognition and Affect
PSY 562 Psychology of Close Relationships
PSY 653 Social Representation
PSY 659 Psychology of the Self
PSY 660 Positive Psychology
PSY 554 Recent Advances
Group 2 Attitudes, Social Influence & Groups
PSY 651 Attitudes and Attitude Change
PSY 652 Attitude Measurement and Scale Development
PSY 656 Inter-group Relations (ingroup, outgroup, discrimination, intergroup competition, conflict...)
PSY 552 Groups (Small groups, interpersonal attraction,dyadic relationships, conflict, leadership..)
PSY 655 Intra-group Processes (Norms, Conformity, Obedience, leadership, Social facilitation, productivity...)
Group 3 Applied Social Psychology
PSY 550 Psychology of Women and Gender
PSY 654 Social Psychology of Legal Processes
PSY 661 Meta Analysis in Social Psychology
PSY 693-697 Independent Study
PSY 650 Health Psychology
PSY 556 Applied Social Psychology
PSY 558 Interpersonal Relationships
PSY 658 Relationships with parents and peers
PSY 657 Family Processes through time and cultural contexts