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Completed in 2013
Title Submitted by
Social psychological variables affecting political participation of youth in Turkey (M.S.) Serkan Pakhuylu Nuray Sakallı-Uğurlu
Reactions to performance feedback and source : the moderating effect of individualism/collectivism and power distance (M.S.) Gaye Solmazer Yonca Toker
A Comparison of telecommuting and workplace employees in terms of situational strength, personality, work attitudes and performance (M.S.) Dilara Girit Reyhan Bilgiç
Impact of relational and individuational self orientations on the well-being of academicians : The roles of ego- or eco- system motivations, selftranscendence, self-compassion and burnout (M.S.) Özge Kantaş Olcay İmamoğlu
The Roles of intergroup threat, social dominance orientation and right-wing authoritarianism in predicting Turks’ prejudice toward Kurds (M.S.) Çiğdem Damla Balaban Banu Cingöz-Ulu
Bidirectional nature of work family conflict : the antecedents and outcomes of work to family conflict and family to work conflict (M.S.) Yeşim Üzümcüoğlu Reyhan Bilgiç
Reducing prejudice through imagined social contact (M.S.) Sanem Küçükkömürler Nuray Sakallı-Uğurlu
Conscientious objection in Turkey : a study of social representations (M.S.) Gülden Sayılan Bengi Öner-Özkan
The Predictors of attitudes toward military : Turkish identity, uninational ideology, ambivalent sexism, conservatism, and religious orientation (M.S.) Fatih Özdemir Nuray Sakallı-Uğurlu
The Effects of mortality salience and body-related social norms on attitudes towards diet pills : A terror management health model perspective (M.S.) Burçin Cihan Özlem Bozo İrkin
Violence as a way of reconstructing manhood : the role of threatened manhood and masculine ideology on violence against women (M.S.) Beril Türkoğlu Banu Cingöz Ulu
Situational judgment tests in assessing specific personality characteristics Ayda ERİŞ Canan SÜMER
Establishing the Validity of a Leadership Based Situational Judgement Test (M.S.) Zeliha Ruhsar ÇOLAKOĞLU Canan SÜMER
Mediating Role of Marital Satisfaction in the Types Infidelity-Forgiveness, Trait Positive Affect-Forgiveness and Coping-Forgiveness Relationships in Married Men and Women (M.S.) Emine Duman TEMEL Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
The Relationship Among Marital Communication Patterns, Parental Attitudes, and Children Externalizing Internalizing Behavior Problems (M.S.) Selin ANAHAR DELİBALTA Hürol FIŞILOĞLU



Completed in 2012
Title Submitted by
Cognitive aspects of personality disorders: Influences of basic personality traits, cognitive emotion regulation, and interpersonal problems. (Ph.D.) Miray Akyunus İnce Tülin GENÇÖZ
Strategic constructions of national identity by political leaders in Turkey. (M.S.) Mukadder OKUYAN Banu CİNGÖZ ULU

Assocıated factors of psychologıcal well-beıng: early maladaptıve schemas, schema copıng processes, and parentıng styles. (M.S.)

Ali Can GÖK Tülin GENÇÖZ

Early Maladaptive Schemas and Well-being: Importance of Parenting Styles and Other Psychological  Resources. (M.S.)

Beyza Ünal Tülin GENÇÖZ

System Justification and Terror Management: Mortality Saliance as a Moderator of System Justifying Tendencies in Gender Context. (M.S.)

Canay Doğulu Nuray SAKALLI-UĞURLU

Personality Traits and Individual Differences as the Predictors of Attitude toward Motor Insurance in Turkey. (M.S.)

Esma Yalıngök Kızıltaş Bengi ÖNER ÖZKAN

Ruminative processes as a unifying function of dysregulated behaviors: An exploration of the emotional cascades. (M.S.)

Ezgi Tuna Özlem BOZO

Relational Models and Their Associations with Cultural Orientations and Personal Value Priorities in the Turkish Cultural Context. (M.S.)

İlker Dalğar Nebi SÜMER

The mediating role of coping on the “Big Five” personality traits–PTG and locus of control–PTG relationships in breast cancer patients. (M.S.)

Nihan Önder Özlem BOZO

Psychosocial correlates of breast self examination and mammography. (M.S.)

Tuğba Yılmaz Özlem BOZO

Psychological predictors of problem gambling behaviors. (Ph.D.)

Kuntay Arcan Nuray KARANCI

Compensatory nature of mixed stereotypes: An investigation of underlying mechanisms in the framework of stereotype content model. (Ph.D.)

Timuçin Aktan Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU

Domestic violence against women in relations to marital adjustment and psychological well-being, with the effects of attachment, marital coping, and social support. (Ph.D.)

Ece Tuncay Senlet Hürol FIŞILOĞLU

Psychological well-being of adolescents: Maternal rearing behaviors, basic personality traits, and emotion regulation process. (Ph.D.)


Experience and expression of emotions in marital conflict: An attachment theory perspective. (Ph.D.)


Sexual harassment among turkish female athletes: The role of ambivalent sexism. (M.S.)

Ezgi Zengin Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU



Completed in 2011
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Effects of attachment security, threat, and attachment figure primes on cognitive attentional task performance. (M.S.) Ezgi Sakman Nebi SÜMER
The effects of relationship commitment and gender on death anxiety among Turkish young adults: A terror management theory perspective. (M.S.) Başak DALDA Özlem BOZO
Looming vulnerability and perfectionism as mediating factors among parental bonding, social anxiety, and depressin. (Ph.D.) Ayşe ALTAN ATALAY Belgin AYVAŞIK
The effect of cinematherapy on self-perception among adolescents: Applications in Clinical and Non-Clinical samples. (M.S.) Serap ŞENDİKİCİ Faruk GENÇÖZ
Effects of inhibitory mechanisms and thought suppression tendency on the frequency and intensity of trumatic intrusions. (M.S.) O. Ferhat YARAR Nuray KARANCI
Parental acceptance-rejection/control and symptoms of psychopathology: Mediator roles of personality characteristics. (M.S.) Duygu YAKIN Tülin GENÇÖZ
Prediction of safety related behavior among Turkish nurses: An application of theory of plan behavior and effects of safety climate perceptions. (M.S.) Gülçin HAKTANIR Canan SÜMER
Mediating role of self-regulation between parenting, attachment, and adjustment in middle adolescence. (Ph.D.) Emine Tuna Özgüle Nebi SÜMER
Positive outcomes among the 1999 Düzce earthquake survivors: Earthquake preparedness behavior and posttraumatic growth. (Ph.D.) Mehmet ŞAKİROĞLU Nuray KARANCI
Associated factors of child abuse and its consequences among children with and without ADHD: A comparative study-When telling is not enough. (Ph.D.) Şükran Gülin EVİNÇ Tülin GENÇÖZ
Leader group prototypicality and followers' identification: Predictors, mediating processes and follower outcomes. (Ph.D.) Aslı GÖNCÜ Nebi SÜMER
Perceived parenting styles, emotion regulation, and emotion regulation in relation to psychological well-being:Symptoms of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety. (Ph.D.) Başak Türküler AKA Tülin GENÇÖZ
The differentiation of emotions of shame and guilt in adolescents with maternal cancer. (M.S.) Lale Bengü KAÇMAZ Faruk GENÇÖZ
The role of meta-mood experience on the mood-congruency effect in recognizing emotions from facial expresions. (M.S.) Fatih Cemil KAVCIOĞLU Tülin GENÇÖZ
Öğrencinin düşmanca ve korumacı cinsiyetçiliğin cam uçurum üzerindeki yordayıcı etkisi. (M.S) Deniz Ak Canan SÜMER
Çocukların ebeveynlerarası şiddete tanıklığı ile çocukların kişilerarası ve akademik ve stres kaynaklarıyla baş etme yolları arasında ebeveyn davranışlarının aracı değişken rolü. (M.S.) Özge SARIOT Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Şizofreni hastalarının bakıcılarında bakıcı stres modelin test edilmesi. (M.S.) Özlem KONAĞ Özlem BOZO
Şizofreni hastalarda benlik saygısı, problem çözme becerisi, stresle baş etme, sosyal destek ve intihar düşüncesinin açılayıcı etkisi. (M.S.) Raziye Kıvılcım ALINMIŞ Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Self-compassion in relation to psychopathology. (Ph.D.) Ali BAYRAMOĞLU Faruk GENÇÖZ
The contributory roles of attachment style, coping and regulation strategies on bereavement. (M.Sc) Tuğba AYAZ Nuray KARANCI
 A Study in Turkish Work Context On Benevolent Sexism: The Intentions of Men and the Feelings and the Approval of Women Towards It (M.S.) Deniz KURT Canan SÜMER
The Effect of Coping Strategies on Adjustment of University Students Who Have Experienced Traumatic Life Events (M.S.) İrem YOLA Özlem BOZO İRKİN
Investigating the Social Psychological Variables that Affect Disabled People (Ph.D.) Cemile Müjde ATABEY Bengi ÖNER ÖZKAN
Psychological Problems of Prisoners on the Bases of their Upon-release Future Expectations and Personality Characteristics: The Importance of Being Parent and Time Left Before Release. (M.S.) Özlem KARACA Tülin GENÇÖZ



Completed in 2010
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Examination of the roles of family functioning, coping styles and basic personality characteristics on depression and anxiety sypmtoms of mothers (M.S.) Ural NADİR Tülin GENÇÖZ
The mediating role of metacognition on the relationship among depression/anxiety/negative impact of life experiences and smoking dependence (M.S.) Seval YARIŞ Özlem BOZO
The effects of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus on cognitive functioning, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems in children (M.S.) Sinem AKAY Özlem BOZO
The relationship between the social cognition understanding and aggressive behavior in children with hearing loss (M.S.) Aslı SARIKARDAŞOĞLU Sibel KAZAK BERUMENT
The antecedents and consequences of burnout, work engagement and workaholism (M.S.) Ümit Baran METİN Reyhan BİLGİÇ
Attachment figure transference, caregiving styles, and marital satisfaction in arranged and love marriages (M.S.) Elçin GÜNDOĞDU AKTÜRK Nebi SÜMER
The examination of the roles of parental acceptance-rejection/control, personality traits and coping strategies on psychological distress (M.S.) Bilgen IŞIK Tülin GENÇÖZ
Associations of psychological problems with parental acceptance-rejection, social support and locus of control (M.S.) Canan BÜYÜKAŞIK ÇOLAK Tülin GENÇÖZ
The association between metacognitions and psychological syptoms: Moderator role of coping strategies (M.S.) Başak SAFRANCI Tülin GENÇÖZ
The predictive role of communication on relationship satisfaction in married group with/without children and in cohabiting group: The moderating effect of sexual satisfaction (M.S.) Elçin SAKMAR Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Predictors of expressed emotion in families of schizopherenic patients (Ph.D.) Hicran İNANDILAR A. Nuray KARANCI
The relationship of categories of work events to affective states and attitudes in the wokplace: A test of the affective events theory (Ph.D.) H. Tuğba Erol KORKMAZ Canan SÜMER
The predictors of the traumatic effects of extramarital infidelity on the offended partners: Coping strategies, resource and forgiveness (Ph.D.) Serkan ÖZGÜN Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Coupling through projective identification: Bridging role of projective identification in the associaitons among early parenting experience, personality schemas and couple relationship (Ph.D.) F. Sevinç GÖRAL ALKAN Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Individual and group based factors affecting the relationship between perceived discrimination and well-being: The sample of the Turkish minority in Bulgaria (M.S.) Leman KORKMAZ Banu CİNGÖZ ULU
Collective action and group attachment: Interplay of free-riding behaviour and patriotism (M.S.) Reşit KIŞLIOĞLU Bengi ÖNER ÖZKAN
Antecedents and consequences of three types of organizational commitment (M.S.) Fatma Betül EKREM Reyhan BİLGİÇ
Emotional labor: Dispositional antecedents and the role of affective events (M.S.) Aslı YALÇIN Reyhan BİLGİÇ
Risk taking behaviours among Turkish university students: Perceived risk, perceived benefit, and impulsivity (M.S.) Özge KOÇAK Özlem BOZO
Social identity and perceptions of intergroup relations: The case of Alevis and Sunnis in Amasya (M.S.) Gülçin AKBAŞ Nebi SÜMER
Attitudes toward allowance of headscarf in the universities: A terror management theory perspective (M.S.) Şeyda ÇAMLI Nebi SÜMER
Utilizing cinematherapy to improve relationship satisfaction: A qualitative study (Ph.D.) Sine EGECİ Faruk GENÇÖZ
Preference for Communication Technologies: Characteristics of Channels, Users and Communication Situations (Ph.D.) Leman Pınar TOSUN Olcay İMAMOĞLU
The Effects of Self Control and Social Influence on Academic Dishonesty: An Experimental and Correlational Investigation (M.S.) Canan COŞKAN Bengi ÖNER ÖZKAN



Completed in 2009
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Resilience/vulnerability factors as predictors of Turkish university students' adjustment to college (Ph. D.) Özge ORBAY A. Nuray KARANCI
A cross-cultural investigation of OCD symptomatology: The role of religiosity and religious affiliation (Ph. D.) Müjgan ALTIN A. Nuray KARANCI
Cinematherapy for alcohol dependent patients (M.S.) İpek Güzide PUR Faruk GENÇÖZ
Association of religious identification, perceived discrimination, and political trust with the relationship between ethnic and societal (national) identification (M.S.) Ahmet Çoymak Nuray SAKALLI- UĞURLU
A comparative study of family functioning processes of families with an autistic child in Turkey and in the United States (Ph. D.) Şeniz Çelimli Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
The predictors of attitudes toward physical wife abuse: Ambivalent sexism, system justification and religious orientation (M.S.) Nilüfer Ercan Nuray SAKALLI- UĞURLU
Emotional and behavioral problems in relation with attachment styles of adoptive vs. non-adoptive children and child rearing practices of their families (Ph.D.) Deniz İlkiz Altınoğlu-Dikmeer Tülin GENÇÖZ
Associations of psychological well-being with early-maladaptive schemas and self-construals (M.S.) Bahar Köse Tülin GENÇÖZ
The influence of social support, perceived control, locus of control and demands on coping with work-family conflict (M.S.) Alev DEMOKAN H. Canan SÜMER
Pedestrian safety around elementary schools (M.S.) Bünyamin Erkan ÇİÇEK Timo LAJUNEN
Relationships between courage, self-construals and other associated variables (M.S.) Bilge YALÇINDAĞ Olcay İMAMOĞLU
The effects of gender role ideology, role salience, role demands, and core self-evaluations on work-family interface (M.S.) Pınar BIÇAKSIZ H. Canan SÜMER
Sexual Self Schemas: An exploration of their impact on frequency of masturbation and sexual activity, sexual satisfaction, and marital adjustment. Gözde KOÇAK Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Psychological adjustment of children with spastic cerebral palsy (M.S.) Nilay AYTOLUN Özlem BOZO
The evaluation of psychotherapists in movies in terms of emotional intelligence (M.S.) Müge BANLI Faruk GENÇÖZ



Completed in 2008
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Perceived parental rearing behaviors, responsibility attitudes and life events as predictors of obsessive compulsive symptomatology (Ph.D.) Ayşe Bikem HACIÖMEROĞLU A. Nuray KARANCI
Recognition of self-conscious emotions and their relationships with psychopathology (Ph.D.) İrem MOTAN Faruk GENÇÖZ
Behavioral consequnces of the third person effect on Turkish voters (M.S.) Bennur İZ Bengi Öner ÖZKAN
Emotion processes in schizophrenia in relation with symptomology and duration of illness (M.S.) Ahmet Yasin ŞENYURT Faruk GENÇÖZ
Testing the caregiver stress model with the caregivers of children with leukemia (M.S.) Dilek DEMİRTEPE Özlem BOZO
The relationship among attachment style, affect regulation psychological distress and mental construction of the relational world (Ph.D.) Neslihan RUGANCI Tülin GENÇÖZ
Effectiveness of smoking cessation program combined with transdermal nicotine (M.S.) Nurhak Sönmez Faruk GENÇÖZ
Relationship between future time orientation, adaptive self-regulation and well-being: Self-type and age related differences (Ph.D.) Ayça Güler-Edwards Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Predictors of understanding of honor and attitudes toward honor related violence: Ambivalent sexism ans system justification (M.S.) Ruşen Işık Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
The effects of brief Psychoeducation Program on the perceived expressed emotion of the schizophrenic patients and the expressed emotion and burnout levels of their key relatives (M.S.) Muazzez Merve Yüksel Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
A replication and extension of the written expressive disclosure paradigm: A longitudinal study (M.S.) Duygu Cantekin Tülin GENÇÖZ
Social support (perceived vs. Received) as the moderator between the relationship of stress and health outcomes: Importance of locus of control (M.S.) Ruth Yasemin Erol Özlem BOZO
Roles of basic personality traits, schema coping responses and toxic childhood experiences on antisocial,borderline and psychopathic personality characteristics (M.S.) Öznur Öncül Tülin Gençöz
The impact of parental control and interparental conflict on adolescent's self-regulation and adjustment (M.S.) Mehmet Harma Nebi SÜMER
The predictors of relationship commitment: Perceived parenting style, parental approval and psychological reactance (M.S.) Ezgi Beşikçi Nuray SAKALLI-UĞURLU
The impact of parental control on the development of chronic self-regulatory focus (M.S.) Burak Doğruyol Nebi SÜMER
Strategic constructions of national identities: The case of Northern Cyprus (Ph. D.) Serap Arslan Akfırat Bengi ÖNER ÖZKAN



Completed in 2007
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Examination of metacognitive factors in relation to anxiety and depressive symptoms: A cross-cultural study (Ph.D.) Adviye Esin YILMAZ Tülin GENÇÖZ
Executive functions in children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (Ph.D.) Reyhan BAHÇİVAN SAYDAM Belgin AYVAŞIK
Parenting styles, internalization of values, and the self-concept (Ph.D.) Kürşad DEMİRUTKU Nebi SÜMER
Prevalence of traumatic events and determinants of posttraumatic growth in university students (M.S.) Gizem ARIKAN A. Nuray KARANCI
A comprehensive model for obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms: A cross-cultural investigation of cognitive and other vulnerability factors (Ph.D.) Orçun YORULMAZ Tülin GENÇÖZ
How do parental, familial, and child characteristics differentiate conduct-disordered children with and without psychopathic tendencies (Ph.D.) C. Ekin EREMSOY A. Nuray KARANCI
Correlates of organizational commitment: A special emphasis on organizational communication (Ph.D.) A. Başak OK Reyhan BİLGİÇ
Religiousness, conservatism and their relationship with traffic behaviour (M.S.) Zümrüt YILDIRIM Timo LAJUNEN
The effects of stress management program for mothers of children with autism (M.S.) Burcu SEVİM Faruk GENÇÖZ
Effects of parenting on adult development and generativity (Ph.D.) Eda KARACAN Sibel Kazak BERUMENT
A proposed model of safety climate: Contributing factors and consequences (M.S.) Harika YÜCEBİLGİÇ Canan SÜMER
Behavioral preferences, feelings, and social identity level in a low-status group: The impacts of social identity salience, and group boundary permeability with a novel concept of hierarchical permeability (M.S.) Veysel Mehmet ELGİN Nuray Sakallı-UĞURLU
The psychometric qualities of the knowledge of secure base script-prompt word outline method: Multi-sample evaluation of the validity and the reliability (Ph.D.) Meltem ANAFARTA A. Nuray KARANCI
Relationship between self-construals and marital quality (M.S.) Aylin GÜNDOĞDU Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Relationship between materialism and self-construals (M.S.) Gizem TURAN Olcay İMAMOĞLU
True and false memory with emotioanlly valenced words: Depression, trait anxiety and personality factors (M.S.) Ayşen GÜNDÜZ Tülin GENÇÖZ
The effects of maternal acceptance-rejection on psychological distress of adolescents: The mediator roles of early maladaptive schemas (M.S.) Dilek SARITAŞ Tülin GENÇÖZ
The relationship between cognitive appraisal of stress, coping strategies and psychological distress among correctional officers: personal and environmental factors (Ph.D.) Mithat DURAK Tülin GENÇÖZ
The effects of intergroup perceptions and ingroup identifications on the political participation of the second-generation Turkish migrants in the Netherlands? (Ph.D.) Gülseli BAYSU Bengi ÖNER-ÖZKAN
Environmental and individual resources, perception of the event, cognitive processing and coping as factors leading to posttraumatic growth among the survivor of myocardial infarction patients and theirspouses (Ph.D.) Emre Şenol DURAK Belgin AYVAŞIK
Predictors of attitudes toward sexual harrassment : ambivalent sexism, ambivalence toward men, and gender differences? (M.S.) Sinem TURGUT Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
Recognition of facial expressions in alcohol dependent inpatients (M.S.) Pınar DURSUN Faruk GENÇÖZ
Underlying mechanisms of memory distrust as a function of repeated checking in nonclinical student sample (M.S.) Talat DEMİRSÖZ Belgin AYVAŞIK
The effect of cinematherapy on perfectionism and related schemas (M.S.) Başak Türküler AKA Faruk GENÇÖZ
The association between organizational culture and individual factors on medical practice (M.S.) Çakıl SARAÇ Timo LAJUNEN
Encoding processes related to specific and overgeneral recall of the autobiographical memories in non-clinical depression (M.S.) Mehmet Akif GÜZEL Belgin AYVAŞIK
Social representation of European Union (M.S.) Elif Sandal ÖNAL Bengi ÖNER-ÖZKAN
The predictors of attitudes toward sexual harassment : locus of control, ambivalent sexism, and gender differences (M.S.) Selin SALMAN Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
Factors influencing applicant attraction to job openings (M.S.) Gizem ACARLAR Reyhan BİLGİÇ
The roles of perceived expressed emotion of the schizophrenic patients and the expressed emotion of their caregivers on symptom severity and quality of life (Ph.D.) Gülbahar BAŞTUĞ A. Nuray KARANCI
The effects of core self and external evaluations on performance appraisals (M.S.) Lale GÜVEN Canan SÜMER
The professional and social roles of clinical psychologists in Turkey (M.S.) Gaye Zeynep ÇENESİZ Faruk GENÇÖZ
Relationship between self-construals and marital quality (M.S.) Aylin GÜNDOĞDU Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Factors related to psychological problems of newcomer Turkish Immigrants (Ph.D.) Olga Selin HÜNLER Tülin GENÇÖZ
Executive functioning in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Ph.D.) Reyhan SAYDAM Belgin AYVAŞIK
Self construal differences in perceived work situaiton and well-being (Ph.D.) Başak BEYDOĞAN Olcay İMAMOĞLU



Completed in 2006
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Marital Satisfaction in Turkish Remarried Families: Comparison Among Marital Status, Effect of Stepchildren and Contributing Factors. (M.S.) Esra BİR AKTÜRK Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Relationships Among Attachment Anxiety, Avoidance, Accepting the Past and Autobiographical Memory. (M.S.) İnci BOYACIOĞLU ŞENGÜL Nebi SÜMER
Psychometric Properties of Anxiety Sensitivity Index-Revised and the Relationship with Drinking Motives and Alcohol Use in Turkish University Students and Patients. (M.S.) Sabiha Şafak ÇAKMAK Belgin AYVAŞIK
Posttraumatic Growth and Psychological Distress Among Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: An Evaluation Within the Conservation of Resources Theory. (Ph.D.) Gülay DİRİK A. Nuray KARANCI
Illusion of Control, Optimism Bias and Their Relationship to Risk-Taking Behavious of Turkish Drivers. (M.S.) Ebru Burcu DOĞAN Bengi ÖNER-ÖZKAN
Does Enriched Mode of Communication Make a Difference in Performance Feedback for the Rater and the Ratee? Comparing Written Feedback with Written Plus Verbal Feedback. (M.S.) Çiğdem ERDEMLİ  Canan SÜMER
Ambivalent Sexism, Ambivalence toward Men and Demographic Variables as Predictors of Turkish College Students’ Attitudes toward Men in Social and Women in Natural Sciences. (M.S.) Göker GÜLÇÜR Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
Parental Acceptance-Rejection, Self-Esteem and Psychological Adjustment: Children with Learning Disabilities as Compared to Children with Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus. (Ph.D.) Zekavet Aylin İLDEN KOÇKAR Tülin GENÇÖZ
Secure Exploration: Conceptualization, Types and Relationships with Secure Attachment, Self-Construals and Other Self-Related Variables. (M.S.) Selen İMAMOĞLU Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Psychological Correlates of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Use Among Adolescents. (M.S.) Özge KARAKAŞ Belgin AYVAŞIK
The Role of Self-Efficacy, Hope and Anxiety in Predicting University Entrance Examination Scores of Eleventh Grade Students. (M.S.) Gülşah KEMER Gül AYDIN
Institutional Environment and Place Attachment as Determinants of Elders’ Life Satisfaction. (M.S.) Müge KILINÇ Bengi ÖNER-ÖZKAN
Value Similarities of Wives and Husbands and Conflict Resolution Styles of Spouses as Predictors of Marital Adjustment. (M.S.) Ayça ÖZEN Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
The Relationship Between Attribution Related to Acquisition of Managerial Position by Women, Attitudes toward Women Managers, Sexism and Sex Differences. (M.S.) Deniz ÖZKAN Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
Predictors of Parasocial Interaction with Favorite and Least Desirable Characters Portrayed in TV Serials. (M.S.) Arda SELEN Bengi ÖNER-ÖZKAN
An Exploration of Masculinity, Femininity, Sexual Fantasy and Masturbation as Predictors of Marital Satisfaction. (M.S.) Aslı SOYER Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
National Stereotypes, In-Group Identification, Intergroup Bias, Social Categorization and In-Group/Out-Group Attitudes: The Case of Cyprus. (M.S.) Şenel HÜSNÜ Timo LAJUNEN
The Relationships Between Vertical and Horizontal Individualism – Collectivism, Religiosity and Parenting Styles From Perspective of Parents and Their Children. (M.S.) Nagihan TAŞDEMİR Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
Antecedents of Feedback Seeking Behaviours. (M.S.) Özge TAYFUR Canan SÜMER
Predictive Role of Perfectionism on Marital Adjustment. (M.S.) Ece TUNCAY Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Investigating the Role of Personality and Justice Perceptions on Social Loafing. (M.S.) Hilal Esen ÜLKE Reyhan BİLGİÇ
Assessment of Computer Based and Self Reported Hazard Perception Skills Among Drivers: The Role of Personality and Driving Skills. (M.S.) Ayça Berfu ÜNAL Nebi SÜMER
Effects of Ambivalent Sexism, Locus of Control, Empathy, and Belief in a Just World on Attitudes Toward Rape Victims. (M.S.) Zeynep Sıla YALÇIN Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
The Relationship of Expressed Emotion and Psychological Variables with the Quality of Life of Haemodialysis Patients: An Analysis within the Conservation of Resources Model. (Ph.D.) Özden YALÇINKAYA ALKAR A. Nuray KARANCI
Exploration of spousal accuracy, frequency, emotional impact and importance of positive and negative marital behavior in distressesed. (M.S.) Sergül OĞUR
The factors makins first-year university students vulnerable to pathological eating attitudes. (M.S.) Öykü MANÇE Faruk GENÇÖZ
An investigation of individual difference factors in online instruction (M.S.) Kıvanç YILMAZ Canan SÜMER
The relationships between parental emotion expressivity, children's temperament and children's coping strategy (M.S.) Hilal EYÜPOĞLU Sibel Kazak BERUMENT



Completed in 2005
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Emotional Well-Being of First-Year University Students: Family Functioning and Attachment Styles. (M.S.) Suzi AMADO Tülin GENÇÖZ
The Job Attitude Differences Among Public and Private School Teachers in Albania. (M.S.) Migena BUKA Reyhan BİLGİÇ
Conflict Distress, Conflict Attributions and Perceived Conflict Behaviours as Predictors of Relationship Satisfaction. (M.S.) İ. Sine EĞECİ Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
The Effects of Person-Organization Fit on Employee Job Satisfaction, Performance and Organizational Commitment in a Turkish Public Organization. (M.S.) Müge KARAKURUM  Reyhan BİLGİÇ
Perceived Parental Attitudes of Turkish College Students towards Dating and Premarital Sexual Behaviours: The Role of Students’. (M.S.) Başak ŞAHİN Bengi ÖNER ÖZKAN
Correlates of Seat Belt Use Among Turkish Front Seat Occupants. (M.S.) Özlem ŞİMŞEKOĞLU  Timo LAJUNEN
The Effects of Being A ‘Neighborhood Disaster Volunteer’ on  Psychological Distress and Posttraumatic Growth Among the Survivors of the 1999 Marmara Earthquake. (M.S.) Ceren TANRIDAĞLI  A. Nuray KARANCI
An Integrative Perspective on Mergers and Acquisitions: Social Identity, Acculturation, Organizational Support, Rewards, and Organizational Commitment. (M.S.) Rukiye Işıl YAVUZ  Reyhan BİLGİÇ
Secure exploration: conceptualization, types and relationships with secure attachment, self-construals and other self-related variables (Ph.D.) Selen İMAMOĞLU  Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Effects of methylphenidate treatment on cognitive abilities, hyperactivity and anxiety level of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (M.S.) Özge ORBAY  Belgin AYVAŞIK
Leadership style of Turkish middle level managers in private sector and its relationship with subordinate performance, satisfaction and commitment. (M.S.) Nursel İpek ÖZMEN Canan SÜMER
Variables related to earthquake preparedness behavior. (M.S.) Mehmet ŞAKİROĞLU  A. Nuray KARANCI



Completed in 2004
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Responsibility Attitudes and Locus of Control as Predictors of Obsessive Symptomalogy: an Analysis within the Cognitive Model. (M.S.) Müjgan ALTIN A. Nuray KARANCI
An Exploration of Marital Satisfaction, Locus of Control, and Self-Esteem as Predictors of Sexual Satisfaction. (M.S.) Çağla BAŞAT Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Family Background, Family Processes, Women’s Feelings, Attitudes, and Self Evaluations in Relation to Family Roles. (M.S.) Lütfiye BEŞPINAR Nuran HORTAÇSU
Predictor Variables of Psychological Distress and Perceived Growth Following Motor Vehicle Accidents. (M.S.) Aşkım Sevinç BİROL A .Nuray KARANCI
Predictive Values of Social Support, Coping Styles and Stress Level in Posttraumatic Growth and Burnout Levels Among the Parents of Children with Autism. (M.S.) Özcan ELÇİ
The Relationship Between Self-Concept Structure and Behavioral Flexibility: a Model Relating Cognitive Structures to Behavioral Patterns. (M.S.) Elif ENGİN Nebi SÜMER
Trust and Self-Disclosure in the Context of Computer Mediated Communication. (M.S.) Türküler ERDOST Bengi ÖNER ÖZKAN
Relationship Between Self-Construals and Future Time Orientations. (M.S.) Ayça GÜLER Olcay İMAMOĞLU
The Effectiveness of Superimposed Advertisements vs. Traditional Commercials. (M.S.) Pınar KOCABIYIKOĞLU Bengi ÖNER-ÖZKAN
Body Satisfactionand Depression Symptoms Relationship Among University Students: The Mediating Role of Self Esteem. (M.S.) Bengü Yanarca URAS Tülin GENÇÖZ
Transmisison of Good News as an ımpression Management Tactic. (M.S.) Ahmet UYSAL Bengi ÖNER-ÖZKAN
The Prediction of Psychological Distress Following a Romantic Relationship Dissolution: Reletionship Characteristics, Problem Solving Skills and Self-Esteem. (M.S.) Burcu UZGEL Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
The effects of mother's parental attitudes on their preschool children's internalizing and externalizing behavior problems: The mediator role of mothers' psychological adjustment. (M.S.) Sema Yurduşen ACI Tülin GENÇÖZ
Maternal personality characteristics, affective state and psychopathology in relation to children's attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and comorbid symptoms. (M.S.) Ş. Gülin EVİNÇ Tülin GENÇÖZ
An evaluation of current human resource management practices in the Turkish private sector. (M.S.) Seray SÖZER Canan SÜMER
Predictor variables of psychological distress and perceived growth following motor vehicle accidents. (M.S.) Aşkım Sevinç BİROL A .Nuray KARANCI
The effects of superimposed advertisements vs. traditional commercials. (M.S.) Ayşe Pınar KOCABIYIKOĞLU Bengi ÖNER ÖZKAN



Completed in 2003
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Social Identity and Constructions of European Union Among Turkish University Youth. (M.S.) Nevra CEM Nuran HORTAÇSU
Perceived Social Support, Coping Strategies and Stress-Related Growth as Predictors of Depression and Hopelessness in Breast Cancer Patients. (M.S.) Aslı KESİMCİ A. Nuray KARANCI
Aging Mother-Adult Daughter Relationship: Solidarity, Conflict, Ambivalence, Typology and Variations in Time. (M.S.) Sanem ALIÇLI MOTTRAM Nuran HORTAÇSU
Possible Risk Factors For Suicide: Depression, Anxiety, Positive and Negative Affect, Academic Achievement, Problem-Solving Skills, and Family Relations. (M.S.) Pınar OR Tülin GENÇÖZ
The Situational and the Personality Factors Predicting Depression and Anxiety of Prisoners. (M.S.) Emre ŞENOL Faruk GENÇÖZ
Social Construction of ‘Pseudo Disease’ in Turkey: Clinicians’ Practice of ‘Giving Diagnosis’, Patients’ Voices From ‘Subject Positions’ (Ph.D.) Seda USUBÜTÜN Nuran HORTAÇSU
Comparison of Same-Sex Friendships, Cross-Sex Friendships and Romantic Relationships. (M.S.) Banu CİNGÖZ Nuran HORTAÇSU
Socio-Political Identity and Intergroup Perception: The Case of ‘Ülkücü’ Group in Turkey (Ph.D.) İbrahim DALMIŞ Olcay İMAMOĞLU
The Effect of Psychological Preparation On Preoperative and Postoperative Anxiety, and Coping Strategies in Children and Adolescents Undergoing Surgery. (M.S.) Selma ERCAN Bengi ÖNER ÖZKAN
Associates of Social Deviancy and Violence Among Prisoners. (M.S.) Adonis Çiğdem ERKUNT Tülin GENÇÖZ
Childhood Cancer and Its Effect on the Marital Adjustment of the Parents. (M.S.) Sibel KOCAOĞLAN Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Dispositional Affectivity and Job Performance: Mediating Effects of Job Satisfaction. (M.S.) Bahar ÖZ Canan SÜMER
Individual Differences Factors Affecting Workplace Sexual Harassment Perceptions. (M.S.) Yonca TOKER Canan SÜMER
Attitudes Toward Marital Violence: Individual and Situational Factors. (M.S.) Sinan ULU Nuray Sakallı UĞURLU
Parental Grief Reactions After An Infant Death. (M.S.) Şehnaz YILDIRIM Hürol FIŞILOĞLU



Completed in 2002
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Applicability of the Marital Coping Inventory for Measurement of Coping Efforts In Marriage Among Turkish Couples. (M.S.) Öznur ACİCBE Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
The Effect of Program Continuity on Memory for and Attitude Toward Advertisements. (M.S.) Orkide Deniz AKYAMAÇ Bengi ÖNER
Attachement Style and Motivational Profile. (M.S.) Sezai AYDIN Canan SÜMER
The Development of Noun and Adjective Usage Among Turkish Preschoolers. (M.S.) Arzu BAYKARA Sibel Kazak BERUMENT
The Development of Mean Lenght of Utterance, Word Order, And Subject-Verb Agreement Among Turkish Preschoolars. (M.S.) Demet BUYURGAN Sibel Kazak BERUMENT
Predictive Role of Hardiness on Psychological Symptomatology of University Students Experienced Earthquake. (M.S.) Mithat DURAK Faruk GENÇÖZ
The Role of Attachment Styles In Partner Pairing and Satisfaction Within Marriage In Critical and Non-Critical Stages. (M.S.) Özenç ERTAN Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
The Effects of Religiousness on Marital Satisfaction and the Mediator Role of Perceived Marital Problem Solving Abilities Between Religiousness and Marital Satisfaction Relationship. (M.S.) Olga Selin HÜNLER Tülin GENÇÖZ
The Development of Qestion, Conjunction and Postposition Usages Among Turkish Preschoolers. (M.S.) İpek KALELİ Sibel Kazak BERUMENT
Self-Construals, Percieved Parenting Styles and Well-Being in Different Cultural and Socio-Economic Contexts (Ph.D.) Zahide KARAKİTAPOĞLU-AYGÜN Olcay İMAMOĞLU
The Development of Plural, Negative and Adverb Usage Among Turkish Preschoolers. (M.S.) Şükran KILIÇ Sibel KAZAK BERUMENT
The Development of Storytelling Skills Among Turkish Preschoolers. (M.S.) Özlem KOCABAŞ Ayşe Gül GÜVEN
The Development of Verb-Tense Usage and the Structure of Verbs Used Among Turkish Preschoolers. (M.S.) Binhan KOYUNCUOĞLU Ayşe Gül GÜVEN
Distinguishing Anxiety and Depression: Hardiness. (M.S.) İrem MOTAN Faruk GENÇÖZ
Attitudes Toward Suicide: Application  of the Attribution-Value Model of Prejudice. (M.S.) Ayşe Münire MURATHANOĞLU Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
The Psychological Effects of University Entrance Examination on High School Students: The Role of Sel-Esteem and Anxiety. (M.S.) Metin ÖZDEMİR Nebi SÜMER
The Role of Personality Characteristics, Psychomotor/Cognitive Abilities and Driver Behaviors and Skills in Predicting Accident Involvement. (M.S.) Türker ÖZKAN Belgin AYVAŞIK-Nebi SÜMER
The prediction of divorced parents’ emotional/social adjustment and psychological distress from perceived power/control over child-related concerns, perceived social support, and demographic characteristics. (M.S.) Esin YILMAZ Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Predicting Psychological Well-Being of the Turkish Unemployed: The Role of Self-Esteeem, Negative Mood, and Job Search Motivation. (M.S.) Nilgün YILMAZ
Responsibility and Perfectionism as Predictors of Obsessive-Compulsive Symptomatology: A Test of Cognitive Model. (M.S.) Orçun YORULMAZ A. Nuray KARANCI
Predictors of Mental Health and Suicide Probability Among Homosexual Men In Turkey. (M.S.) Murat YÜKSEL Tülin GENÇÖZ



Completed in 2001
Title Submitted by Supervisor
A Test of Terror Management Theory in a Collectivistic Culture: Buffering Role of Collective Self-Esteem (M.S.) Ersin ASLITÜRK Nebi SÜMER
Effects of Social Support and Locus of Control on Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms of Dialysis Patients (M.S.) Gülendam ASTAN Tülin GENÇÖZ
Attitudes Toward Women in Managerial Positions: The Effects of Ambivalent Sexism, Patriarchy and Gender Differences on These Attitudes (M.S.) Başak BEYDOĞAN Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
Aging, Illness Representation, and Health Behaviors (M.S.) Özlem BOZO Doğan EKER
The Effects of Sexism, Sex Role Orientation on Romantic Relationship Satisfaction (M.S.) Ferzan CURUN Nuray SAKALLI UĞURLU
Exploration of the determinants or service quality as percieved by boundary i,ncumbents working in the call center: Generation and testing of the service quality scale and model through structural equation modeling (M.S.) Orhan Sinan ÇİFTÇİ Robert SCHEMEL
The Relationship of Coping Strategies, Perceived Social Support and Medical History Variables with Anxiety in Emergency Surgery Patient (M.S.) Gülay DİRİK Nuray KARANCI
Predictive Role of Perfectionism on Depressive Symptoms and Anger: Negative Life Events as the Moderator (M.S.) Yasemin DİNÇ Tülin GENÇÖZ
The Predictor Variables of Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Children and Adolescents Following 1999 Marmara Earthquake: Exposure to Traumaic Experiences and Coping”  (M.S.) Ilgın GÖKLER A. Nuray KARANCI
Gender Differences in Distress Levels, Coping Strategies, Stress Related Growth and Factors Assocaiated with Psychological Distress and Percieved Growth Following the 1999 Marmara Eartquake (M.S.) Hatice GÜNEŞ A. Nuray KARANCI
Predictors of Expressed Emotion in Families of Schizophrenic Patients (M.S.) Hicran İNANDILAR A. Nuray KARANCI
The Impact of Adult Attachment Styles on Romantic Jealousy (M.S.) Günnur KARAKURT Nebi SÜMER
The Relationship Between Communication Patterns and Marital Adjustment (M.S.) Berna MALKOÇ Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Comparisons of Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales and Modified Graphic Rating Scales in Student Evaluation of Instructions (M.S.) Afife Başak OK Canan SÜMER
The Effect of Visual Perspective and Level of Information on Attribution, Empathy, and Attitute (M.S.) Önder M. ÖZDEM Bengi ÖNER
Comparison of Information Processing Abilities of Children with Organic Mild Mental Retardation and Children with Non Specified Mild Mental Retardation (M.S.) Betül YALÇIN Sibel KAZAK BERUMENT
The Relationship of Self-Efficacy and Decisional Balance to Smoking Behavior in a Turkish Sample: An Analysis Within the Transtheoratical Model (M.S.) Özden YALÇINKAYA A. Nuray KARANCI
Turkish University Students’ Blame Attributions and Attitutes Toward People With AIDS (M.S.) Hülya KÖKDEMİR Nuran HORTAÇSU



Completed in 2000
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Pathological Eating Attıtudes and their Predictors among Turkish Adolescents: Dancers vs Non-Dancers (M.S.) Meltem ANAFARTA Doğan EKER
Autonomy Development At Adolescence (M.S.) Gamze AYDIN Nail ŞAHİN
Influence of Motivational Profile on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction: A Cultural Exploration (M.S.) Kürşat DEMİRUTKU Canan SÜMER
Maternal Employment and Children’s School Achievement: A Multidimensional and Motivational Model (M.S.) Eda KARACAN Sibel KAZAK BERUMENT
A Comaprison of Three Self-Construal Conceptializations and Scales with Reference to Issues of Culter and Gender (M.S.) Aliye KURT Olcay İMAMOĞLU
The Effects of Day Care Experience on Children’s Social Competence and Academic Achievement: A Longitudinal Study (M.S.) İrem İkbal MİCOZKADIOĞLU Sibel KAZAK BERUMENT
Roles of Perceived Control and Coping Startegies on Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms of Adolescents (M.S.) Mine OĞUL Tülin GENÇÖZ
The Effects of Working on Adolescent Development Among High-School Students and Working Adolescents (M.S.) Eyüp ÖZKAMALI Nebi SÜMER
Moderating Effects of Conscientıousness, Dispositional Affect, and Collectivism on the Job Satisfaction-Job Performance Relationship (M.S.) Ece TUNÇEL Canan SÜMER
Predictors of adolescent sexual attitudes and behavior: the role of parents and best friends (M.S.) Ebru AKGÜN Belgin AYVAŞIK



Completed in 1999
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Representation of Women in Secular and Religious Newspapers (M.S.) Elvan AKBAY Nuran HORTAÇSU
Predictors of Adolescent Sexual Attitudes and Behavior: The Role of Parents and Best Friends Ebru AKGÜN Belgin AYVAŞIK
Social Network Composition, Social Support and Psychological Well-Being in First Year METU Students: A Longitudiral Investigation (M.S.) Deniz AYDIN Nuran HORTAÇSU
Verbal Communication Pattern Differences Between Mother and Her Stutter Child and Mother and Her Normally Fluent Child (M.S.) Filiz Bolat ŞAR Ayşegül FIŞILOĞLU
Cooperative Contact and Attitudes Toward Mental Illness (M.S.) Okan Cem ÇIRAKOĞLU Doğan EKER
Roles of Personality Dispositions and Social Support on Anxiety and Academic Achievement : A Study Concerning Adolescents in their Transition Period (M.S.) Z. Aylin İLDEN Tülin GENÇÖZ
Differential Effects of Parent and Peer Attachment On Social and Emotional Loneliness Among Adolescents (M.S.) Özlem LÖKER Serdar DEĞİRMENCİOĞLU
The Relationship Between Dimensions of Perfectionism, Stressful Life Events and Depressive Symptoms in University Students 'A Test of Diathesis-Stress Model of Depression'  (M.S.) Muradiye ORAL A. Nuray KARANCI
The Relationship Between Children's Adjustment Problem and Their Perceptions of Marital Conflict (M.S.) İnci Pınar ÖZ
Predictive Values of Stressful Life Events, Social Support and Locus of Control in Depressive Symptomatology Among University Students (M.S.) Yeşim ÖZLALE Tülin GENÇÖZ
Correlates of Suicide Ideation and Ego Identity Status Among Adolescents (M.S.) Nida UÇAR Nail ŞAHİN
Predictors of Pathological Eating Attitudes Among Turkish University Students (M.S.) Ece Seda ZABUNOĞLU A. Nuray KARANCI



Completed in 1998
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Can aggressive children be taught to understand intentions of others (M.S.) Funda KUTLU Sibel Kazak BERUMENT
Anxiety and Depression: Searching The Distinctive and Overlapping Features (M.S.)  Çağay DÜRÜ A. Nuray KARANCI
A Prospeative Study of Life Stress, Social Support and Assertiveness Among Turkish University Students (M.S.) Sedat IŞIKLI Doğan EKER
The Distress Reactions of Victims of 1 October 1995 Dinar Earthquake: An Analysis Within The Cognitive Theory of Stress and Coping (M.S.) Neşe Üner ALKAN A. Nuray KARANCI
Development of receptive language ability screening test (relast) for preschool children (M.S.) Nilüfer ERKİN Ayşegül FIŞILOĞLU
 Adult and sibling influences on the development of theory of mind (M.S.) Bilge BORATAV Sibel KAZAK BERUMENT



Completed in 1997
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Marital satifaction, parental agreement on child rearing and parental perception of child's adjustment (M.S.) Müge ÇELİK Hürol FIŞILOĞLU
Organizational Structure of Islamic Mysticism: Case of Galibi Order (M.S.) Ömer Recep ARAS Nuran HORTAÇSU
Perceived Psycho-Political Identities of Adults and University Students (M.S.) İbrahim DALMIŞ Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Life Events, Depression, Social Support Systems, Reasons For Livings and Suicide Probability Among University Students (M.S.) Zeynep TÜZÜN Doğan EKER



Completed in 1996
Title Submitted by Supervisor
In-group out-group homogenity perceptions and discrimination: An application of linguistic category model to doctor-patient relationship (M.S.)  Seda Ergün USUBÜTÜN  Nuran HORTAÇSU
Assessing future expectations and related judgements of Turkish university students and adults (M.S.) Pelin AŞAN Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Turkish university students' relationships with their friends and families: social support, satisfaction and loneliness (M.S.) Derya GÜNGÖR Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Contemporary value orientations of adults and university students (M.S.) Zahide KATİPOĞLU Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Interspousal communication in a problem solving situation (M.S.) Nuray TAŞTAN Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Obesity and its psychological correlates: Apperaence-esteem, self-esteem and loneliness (M.S.) Şebnem KARTAL Ahmet RÜSTEMLİ
Stereotypes about obesity (M.S.) İlknur Neşe YARAN Nuran HORTAÇSU



Completed in 1995
Title Submitted by Supervisor
 Earthquake preparedness as related to victimization and threat (M.S.) Yasemin ATAKUMAN Ahmet RÜSTEMLİ
Life satisfactions and attitudes of Turkish instutionalized elderly toward institutional living in high and low quality institutions (M.S.) Nevin KILIÇ Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Interrelationships among self-consciousness, locus of control and Type-A behavior pattern (M.S.) Sefer Murat AKSOY Ahmet RÜSTEMLİ
Who discloese what to whom and where? (M.S.) Doğan KÖKDEMİR Ahmet RÜSTEMLİ
Causal attributions concerning his/her success/failure at breadwinning/homemaking tasks: A developmental analysis of elementary school children and comparison of university students (M.S.) Ülkü UNGAN Olcay İMAMOĞLU



Completed in 1994
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Role of language in relation to gender role stereotypes (M.S.)  Yeşim YASAK Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Relationship between environmental attitudes and reported behaviors (M.S.) Arzu CİHANGİR Ahmet RÜSTEMLİ
Spousal social support for the pregnant women: recipient's and provider's perspectives on perceived and desired support (M.S.) Reha ÜNER Olcay İMAMOĞLU
Sources of stress and coping strategies during adolescence (M.S.) Atiye ORAL Ahmet RÜSTEMLİ
Relationship between skill performance of elite volleyball players and competitive state anxiety (M.S.) A. Dilşad EDİŞ Hülya GÖKMEN



Completed in 1993
Title Submitted by Supervisor
 Causal attributions, beliefs in control and perceived adjustment of Turkish breast cancer patients (M.S.)  Hande ÜNER  Olcay İMAMOĞLU



Completed in 1992
Title Submitted by Supervisor
 Coping strategies of children with sadness/unhappiness and their relationship with levels of depression (M.S.)  Sevgi GÜNEY A. Nuray KARANCI



Completed in 1991
Title Submitted by Supervisor
 An investigation of individual's attitudes toward mental illness (M.S.)  Haluk ARKAR  Doğan EKER



Completed in 1990
Title Submitted by Supervisor
 Positive and negative mood related activities and their effectiveness in alleviating depressed mood (M.S.)  Tülin DİKENCİK  A. Nuray KARANCI
Emotional and social adjustment of immigrant children remigrated to the home country (M.S.) Berrin EYLEN Doğan EKER
Basketball skills training and its effects on the maladaptive behaviour patterns of trainable mentally retarded children (M.S.) Faruk GENÇÖZ A. Nuray KARANCI
Modified systematic desensitization combined with the self-instructional technique (M.S.) Sevda KUYUCU A. Nuray KARANCI
Institutional differences and case typicality as related to diagnosis symptom severity, prognosis, and treatment  (M.S.) Çiğdem SOYKAN KAHRAMAN Doğan EKER
Clinician's diagnosis, prognosis and treatment: the influence of sex and socioeconomic status (M.S.) Hale ŞAHİN Doğan EKER



Completed in 1989
Title Submitted by Supervisor
 Hyperactivity: Factor Structure of Conners teacher rating scale and predictors of hyperactivity among Turkish nursery school children (M.S.)  Leyla BENGİ ARSLAN  Doğan EKER
The relationship of social support, life events and paid employment on depressive symptoms among married women (M.S.) Gonca SOYGÜT A. Nuray KARANCI
Validity and reliability of the Langner psychiatric impairment scale in a Turkish student population (M.S.)



Completed in 1988
Title Submitted by Supervisor
Predictor variables of depression among alcoholics (M.S.) Elif BARIŞKIN Doğan EKER
Antidepressive behaviors and depression in a college student population (M.S.) Kenan BAYRAKTAR Esen GILLEARD
Self-consciousness, self-esteem and depression (M.S.) Neslihan RUGANCI Christopher GILLEARD
Comparison of a Modified Systematic Desensitization Procedure with Classical Systematic Desensitization in the Treatment of Public Speaking Anxiety  (M.S.) Canan SÜMER BULUT A. Nuray KARANCI
Attitudes toward mentally ill in ralation with education and age (M.S.) Sultan ŞEHİTOĞLU OKUMUŞOĞLU Doğan EKER
Fear Reduction in cat phobia: Effectiveness of manipulating imagery script contents with response prepositions and stimulus propositions in two systematic desensitization  (M.S.) Yeşim TAŞ A. Nuray KARANCI
An analysis of the dutch eating behavior questionnaire and its correlation with neurotic personality traits (M.S.) Ayda TEKOK Esen GILLEARD



Completed in 1986
Title Submitted by Supervisor
 Perceived relative physical attractiveness in heterosexual relationships (M.S.) Şebnem TIRPAN  Nuran HORTAÇSU
Sex-role and sex-trait stereotypes in children (M.S.) Aycan EREN Nail ŞAHİN