Timo J. Lajunen (Associate Professor)


 timo j. lajunen


Contact Info

Office: B122

Phone: +90 312 210 5113

E-mail: timo@metu.edu.tr


Ph.D., University of Helsinki, 1997.

M.A., University of Helsinki, 1993.

Marie Curie Research Fellow at University of Manchaster, 1996-1999.

Research Interests

Driver behavior and traffic psychology, cross-cultural Psychology, cross-cultural test validation, structural equation modelling and psychometrics, Turkish culture and language.

Representative Publications

Lajunen, T. (2004). Social indicators as indexes of neuroticism and extraversion. Personality and Individual Differences, 37, 1543-1550.


Lajunen, T. & Räsänen, M. (2004). Can social psychological models be used to promote bicycle helmet use among teenagers? A comparison of the Health Belief Model, Theory of Planned Behaviour and the Locus of Control. Journal of Safety Research, 35, 115-123.


Lajunen, T. (2001). Personality and accident liability: are extroversion, neuroticism and psychoticism related to traffic and occupational fatalities? Personality and Individual Differences, 31, 1365-1373.


Lajunen, T. & Parker, D. (2001). Are aggressive people aggressive drivers?: A study of the relationship between self-reported general aggressiveness, driver anger and aggressive driving. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 33, 243-255.