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3 Mart (Solmaz İzdemir Salonu)

Gülbin İnal: Factor Structure of the Highly Sensitive Person Scale: An Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling Application



17 Mart (Solmaz İzdemir Salonu)

Büşra Karagöbek & Özlü Aran: Associations of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms with Naturally Occuring Variation in Maternal Caregiving Observed in Home Settings

Elis Güngör: Reactions to Feedback: Effects of Feedback Sign, Self-Esteem and Task Centrality



24 Mart (Solmaz İzdemir Salonu)

Ezgi Tuna: Pain Perception, Distress Tolerance, and Physiological Reactivity in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury



31 Mart (Solmaz İzdemir Salonu)

Elçin Gündoğdu & Bülent Aykutoğlu: Coregulation or Codysregulation in Affect? A Dyadic Diary Study

Elif Manuoğlu: Effect of Facebook Use on Well-Being: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective



21 Nisan (Solmaz İzdemir Salonu)

Cansu Yılmaz: I Have Therefore I Love: Status Quo Bias in Mate Choice



28 Nisan (Solmaz İzdemir Salonu)

Buse Gönül: Variability in Moral Judgments: The Effect of Social Exclusion

Burcu Tatar: Young Children's Electronic Media Use: The Role of Parental Sense of Competence



5 Mayıs (Solmaz İzdemir Salonu)

Hazal Öztekin & Deniz Hazal Karabulut: Just Say "Thank You": Bolstering Positive Affect through Expressing Gratitude

Esra Aşçıgil: Testing Three Hypotheses on the Role of Partner Responsiveness in Explaining the Mental Health Effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis



12 Mayıs (KKM D Salonu)

Ali Can Gök: Computation of Within- and Between-Person Reliability of Repeated Measurements: Illustrations Using Weekly and Monthly Positive and Negative Affect Data



26 Mayıs (Solmaz İzdemir Salonu)

İlker Dalgar & Melis Gülerdi: The Recursiveness of Attachment Security: From Relationships to Social Networks to Places

Hilal Terzioğlu: The Interplay between Self Compassion, Attachment Security, and Relational Attributions in Predicting Marital Functioning