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Undergraduate Curriculum

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First Year

1st Semester
Code Name Credit
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology I 3
PSY113 Research Methods 4
SOC109 Introduction to Sociology  3
BIO106 General Biology  3
ENG101 English for Academic Purposes I 4
TURK101 Turkish I 0
2nd Semester
Code Name Credit
PSY102 Introduction to Psychology II 3
PSY116 Statistics for Psychology I  4
ENG102 English for Academic Purposes II 4
IS100 Intro. to Info. Technologies and Applications 0
TURK102 Turkish II  0
Non-Departmental Elective (from SOC) 3
Non-Departmental Elective (from PHIL) 3

Second Year

3rd Semester
Code Name Credit
PSY217 Statistics for Psychology II  4
PSY221 Developmental Psychology I  4
PSY251 Social Psychology I  3
PSY281 Experimental Psychology I: Learning  3
ENG211 Academic Oral Presentation Skills  3
HIST2201 Principles of Kemal Atatürk I 0
4th Semester
Code Name Credit
PSY200 Ethics in Research and Practice of Psychology 3
PSY214 Research Methods in Psychology II  4
PSY222 Developmental Psychology II  4
PSY252 Social Psychology II  3
PSY284 Experimental Psychology II: Cognition  3
HIST2202 Principles of Kemal Atatürk II 0
Non-Departmental Elective (from ECON) 3



Third Year

5th Semester
Code Name Credit
PSY331 Testing and Measurement in Psychology 4
PSY340 Theories of Personality  4
PSY335 Industrial Psychology 4
PSY300 Summer Practice 0
Departmental Elective 3
Non-Departmental Elective 3
6th Semester
Code Name Credit
PSY342 Psychopathology 4
PSY374 Biological Psychology  4
ENG311 Advanced Communication Skills  3
Departmental Elective (or ENG311 Advanced Communication Skills) 3
Non-Departmental Elective 3
Non-Departmental Elective 3




Fourth Year

7th Semester
Code Name Credit
PSY442 Clinical Psychology 
PSY449 Health Psychology 3
Departmental Elective 3
Departmental Elective 3
Departmental Elective 3
8th Semester
Code Name Credit
Free Elective 3
Departmental Elective 3
Departmental Elective 3
Departmental Elective 3
Departmental Elective 3