M.S., Cognitive Psychology, Middle East Technical University, ongoing

  B.S., TOBB University of Economics and Technology, 2018

Research Areas

Response tracking, cognitive control, attention, contingency learning.

Conference Presentations

İleri, M., Atalay, N. B. (2018, November). Can asymmetrical list shifting effect be observed with item specific shifting? Paper presented at the 20th National Congress of Psychology, Ankara, Turkey.

Asalıoğlu, E. N., İleri, M. & Uz, İ. (2016, September). The effect of mood on the prediction of self-esteem and loneliness. Poster presented at the 19th National Congress of Psychology, İzmir, Turkey.

Grants and Scholarships

METU-BAP MSc Thesis Project titled “Exploring the Dynamics of Cognitive Control: A Response-Tracking Study”, 2020-ongoing

2210 National Scholarship Program for MSc Students, 2018-ongoing

Full Scholarship, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, 2014-2018

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