Undergraduate Students

METU Psychology Department was founded in 1959, three years after the establishment of METU. Our first students graduated at 1963

Our department is one of the first psychology departments in Turkey.

Graduate level programs was started in 1894.

In our department, there are master and Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, and traffic and transportation psychology.

Psychology undergraduate program intends to provide basic skills from multiple perspectives.

You can reach the curriculum of our four-year undergraduate program from the website.

Besides our departmental courses, the students find the chance to improve themselves by obligatory and voluntary internships, joining the field projects of the instructors to collect data and take responsibility of operational processes, and being a part of department laboratories and research groups.

The students of our department have opportunities of being exchange students with Erasmus, International Credit Mobility (ICM), and Overseas Exchange Programs.

Being a member of METU Psychology Society, Our students may make their development in psychology more fun by attending METU Psychology Days, seminars, film screenings, end of the semester meetings, and EFPSA.

Graduate Students

Click here for graduate programs in METU Psychology Department.

Click here for General Use Labs.

Click here for Research Groups and Labs.

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