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Aslı Kılıç (Assistant Professor)


aslı kılıç


Contact Info

Office: B34

Phone: +90 312 210 5944

E-mail: askilic@metu.edu.tr




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Ph.D. Syracuse University, 2012

M.S. Middle East Technical University, 2007

B.S. Bilkent University, 2004

Research Interests

Memory modeling, recognition memory, episodic memory.



Publications in English


Kapucu, A., Kılıç, A., Özkılıç, Y. & Sarıbaz, B. (in press). Turkish emotional word norms for arousal, valence and discrete emotion categories. Psychological Reports.


Criss, A. H., Salomão, C., Malmberg, K. J., Aue, W. R., Kılıç, A., & Claridge, M. (2018). Release from output interference in recognition memory: A Test of the attention hypothesis. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 71(5), 1081-1089.


Kılıç, A., Criss, A. H., & Malmberg, K. J., Shiffrin, R. M. (2017). Models that allow us to perceive the world more accurately also allow us to remember past events more accurately via differentiation. Cognitive Psychology, 92, 65-86.


Kılıç, A., Sayalı, C. Z., & Öztekin, I. (2016). Aging slows access to temporal information in working memory. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences.


Kılıç, A. & Öztekin, İ. (2014). Retrieval dynamics of the strength based mirror effect in recognition memory. Journal of Memory and Language, 76, 158-173.


Criss, A. H., Aue, W. R., & Kılıç, A. (2014). Age and response bias: Evidence from the strength based mirror effect. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 67(10), 1910-1924.


Kılıç, A., Hoyer, W. J., & Howard, M. W. (2013). Effects of spacing of item repetitions in continuous recognition memory: Does item retrieval difficulty promote item retention in older adults? Experimental Aging Research, 39(3), 322-341.


Kılıç, A., Criss, A. H., & Howard, M. W. (2013). A causal contiguity effect that persists across time scales. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 39(1), 297-303.


Book Chapters


Kılıç, A. & Criss, A. H. (2019). Methods of memory research in older adults. In H. Otani & B. Schwartz (Eds.), Handbook of Research Methods in Human Memory. New York: Routledge


Publications in Turkish


Aytaç, S. & Kılıç, A. (2018). Tanıma belleğinde madde ve bağlam modelleri hakkında bir karşılaştırma. DTCF Dergisi. 58(1), 623-640