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1)What are the sub-areas in our department? What do they do?
        In our department, there are master and Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, traffic psychology. As a part of master and Ph.D. education, the students get expertise in subfields, acquire qualifications to work in the field, and obtain research skills. You can get more detailed information about sub-area of your interest and laboratory researches by clicking on the list of sub-fields and laboratories.

2)Education language in METU Psychology department is English. Is it hard to study in English?
       Like other departments in METU, the education language of METU Psychology department is English. After central arrangements, the students coming to METU receive two-semester preparatory English education (comprising reading, writing, listening and speaking skills) preparatory English, according to their initial English level. This education aims to facilitate the undergraduate study of the students. Even though, it is normal to think that studying in English is difficult. Our prospective students should be afraid. Because the aim of preparatory English education is to prepare the students for studying in English.

3)What are the opportunities regarding internship and Erasmus in the department?
       Besides our departmental courses, the students find the chance to improve themselves by obligatory and voluntary internships, joining the field projects of the instructers to collect data and take responsibility of operational processes, and being a part of department laboratories and research groups. The students of our department have opportunities of being exchange students with Erasmus, International Credit Mobility (ICM) and Overseas Exchange Programs. For more information, you can visit our METU's international collaboration website.

4) What are the job opportunities  after graduation?
       After graduation, there are job opportunities according to your interests in both the public and private sectors.

  1.     In the public sector, you can work as a psychologist, assistant expert or referee in public institutions like Ministries, nursing homes, Security General Directorate.
  2.     In the private sector, you can work either as,
  •     An advisor in special education institutions, kindergarten, and pre-schools
  •     Expert in human relation departments
  •     Researcher in Neuropsychology laboratories.
  •     Evaluator in Psychotechnic and Psychometry Centers.

But, we recommend you to get the pleasure of METU until graduation :)

5) METU is a technical university. Is this a disadvantage for social sciences like Psychology?
       Although being mainly a technical university, as METU's name implies, the Psychology department was founded three years later establishment of METU and it is one of the first psychology departments in Turkey. With its rooted history and research tradition, our department is still among the best psychology departments in Turkey. Do not let METU's being a technical university discourage you :)

In behalf of Psychology Department Publicity and Public Relation Team,
Research Assistant Albina Sıla Akarsu