Internship Program

Aims and scope of the internship course

The experience our students get in various institutions is crucial for helping them to enhance their theoretical knowledge, learning about the practices of different institutions and observing how various professional groups work as a team. The aim of the program is to make our students implement their theoretical knowledge by practicing and observing under supervision of their advisors.

With the consent of the organization at which the internship will be completed, the summer intern is expected to develop himself/herself through:

1. Making Observations: Observe various activities of the organization as well as its procedural regulations.

2. Active Participation and Practice: Actively participating in the organization as much as possible and using knowledge and abilities of the field of psychology.

Undergraduate students need to attend their internships for 20 consecutive workdays. Attendance of the students is monitored by the internship institution. Moreover, the internship advisor at the institution is asked to assess students' performance during the internship via the "Inter Evaluation Form". Finally, the students are required to write an Internship Report (consisting of the institution's activities, relevant literature review, the contribution of the internship to the student, etc.) at the end of the internship.

Internship Program Coordinators: 

Assoc. Prof. Aslı Kılıç Özhan

Assoc. Prof. Yonca Toker Gültaş

Assessment of Internship Performance by the Department

Students' summer internship performance is assessed by their internship advisor in the psychology department according to the intern evaluation (by the institution) and internship report (by the student).

Internship Documents

Click here for the internship documents.