Ph.D., University College London, 1996

  M.S., London School of Economics, 1990

  B.S., Middle East Technical University, 1989

Research Areas

Social psychological aspects of legal processes, Social representations, representations of innovations, in particular; cross-cultural study of the effect of context on Adaptation-Innovation, future-time orientation, belief in luck.

Representative Publications

Öner, B. (2000). Future time orientation and relationships with the opposite sex. The Journal of Psychology,134 (3), 306-314.

Öner, B. (2002). Self monitoring and future time orientation in romantic relationships. The Journal of Psychology, 136(4), 420-424.

Öner, B. (2000). Preferences and expectations of innovator-ritualist types in relation to sex of university students in a Turkish sample. Psychological Reports, 87, 23-33.

Öner- Özkan, B. (2003). Revised form of the Belief in Good Luck Scale in a Turkish sample. Psychological Reports, 93, 585-594.

Öner-Özkan, B. (2004). Future time orientation in romantic relationships and the minding theory of relating. Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal, 32 (8), 797- 804.

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