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Department of Psychology

Welcome to our website! Our department is one of the most prestigious psychology departments that offers courses from various areas of psychology including clinical, social, developmental, cognitive/ experimental, industrial/ organizational, traffic and health psychology. Thus, our program gives a valuable opportunity to gain theoretical and practical knowledge at both undergraduate and graduate levels with its 23 faculty members. about us...


  • Add-Drop Office Hours

    You can see add-drop office hours below.

  • Sema Yazar Gençlik Vakfı Bursu

    Sema Yazar Gençlik Vakfı burs duyurusuna aşağıdaki bağlantıdan ulaşabilir ve burs ile ilgili detaylı bilgiyi vakfın sayfasında bulabilirsiniz (semayazar.org.t

  • Time Changing in PSY 360, 463, 493, 601, 654 Courses

    There have been changes in the hours of PSY 360, 463, 493, 601, and 654 lessons. Please check the current course schedule.

  • Important notice regarding PSY 100

    PSY 100 (2) General Psychology will be available only for Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Sociology (SOC) students during the Registration period.